Three Common Diseases From Ticks In Freehold NJ and Ways To Reduce Risks

A bite from an infected tick can cause serious health issues in individuals and some people never recover. It is very important that individuals know the symptoms of a tick bite so they can receive immediate medical care. Read the information below to learn about three tick diseases in New Jersey and why individuals should contact a Ticks Freehold NJ professional exterminator for preventative services.

Lyme Disease

This well-known tick disease can occur from bacteria when an infected black-legged tick bites an individual. Common symptoms include a rash, stiffness in the neck, aching muscles, and fever. Those who don’t receive treatment right away may also experience heart complications and nervous system issues.

When a doctor diagnoses the disease early, treatment with antibiotics is usually effective for a full recovery. Some people may have chronic Lyme disease and experience certain symptoms, such as tiredness and sore muscles, for over six months.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

The bite of an infected American dog tick can cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever in individuals who live in New Jersey. Early-stage symptoms include vomiting, intense head pain, and swelling of the hands. Individuals who don’t receive treatment before five days after the tick bite may experience respiratory issues, organ damage, and they may become comatose.

Quick treatment with bacteria-fighting antibiotics is necessary for recovery. Fatalities often occur in individuals who don’t receive treatment within the first few days of the tick bite.

Borrelia Miyamotoi Disease

Transmitted by the black-legged tick in the larval stage, this disease causes chills, confusion, and tiredness. The months of July and August are the most common for infections from these ticks. Since this tick illness is relatively new, treatments that doctors use for Lyme disease are often effective.

Tick Disease Prevention

Individuals can reduce the risk of getting a disease from an infected tick by avoiding areas with woody growth, using tick repellents when outdoors and keeping their lawn mowed. For extra protection, individuals can contact a Ticks Freehold NJ area pest control professional to treat their yard.

Tick bites can cause serious health problems so individuals should take measures to prevent tick diseases. Individuals who have ticks in their yard can contact Freehold Pest Control for reliable service. Browse the site to learn more information about this pest control company and its services.

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