Commercial Portable Bars For Demos And Tastings

logo.117If you are a company that markets any type of beverage or food item you really need to consider investing in some high quality commercial portable bars. These are very practical, durable and beautifully designed bars that can be easily built and taken down in just a few minutes right at the location. You don’t need special tools or an engineering degree; they are designed with ease of use and operation in mind.

Customized Options

Commercial portable bars can be customized in a variety of different ways depending on the specific use and your personal taste and marketing plans. If you are going use the bar at a special event such as a food or wine event or a tasting then you would want to have your company, brand and logo features on the bar. This allows customers to associate your wines and foods with your specific label just by approaching your bar.

The colors of the bar, including the top, frame and panels, can be carefully selected to match your company colors or the colors on your labels and products. Other options can include using graphics on the front panel that highlight your particular beverage from coffee through to wine and everything in between. Side panels can also be designed with product promotion in mind and may match or compliment the images and designs on the larger front panel.

Extra Features

If you are using commercial portable bars for demos and tastings then you may want to consider a larger bar top that allows more people to be served at the bar. This is a great way to get a conversation started and to answer questions about your product right as the people taste and sample.

For those items that need mixing, blending or preparing look for commercial portable bars that offer cutting boards, ice bins, speed wells and shelving that will allow you to keep items organized, neat and within easy reach as you host the tasting or prepare the demo item.

Commercial portable bars are an ideal way to take a practical and necessary piece of equipment and turn it into a conversation piece and a marketing tool. They will help you to boost your appeal to attendees at tastings and demos and will certainly provide you with a quality workspace while you doing tastings and demos.

If your business involves hosting tastings and demos then you need to invest in commercial portable bars. To see the options available visit us at

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