21st Century Protection for Windows

mitigationtechnologiesIf we imagine an embassy that is located within a region that is known for terrorist activities, it should be all but apparent that various levels of threat detection and prevention are necessary to protect lives and property.  This is especially important in properties that will normally house a great deal of individuals performing routine tasks.  In the event of an explosion, up to 85% of these same people can subject grave and deadly injuries from flying glass.  Obviously, simply grating over a window will do little to prevent such incidences.  Rather, many organizations will opt to utilize safety film for windows.  Let us take a brief look at why this film is so very effective in preventing ballistic damage.

A Matter of Statistics

As mentioned previously, the vast majority of injuries from a blast will come in the form of ballistic trauma.  Of these, a high percentage will be induced by glass that has been picked up by a pressure wave and thereafter hurled at those inside of a building.  Safety film for windows will behave very much like an invisible “net”.  This will enable a window to stay intact and reduce the chances of the glass fragmenting.  AS this glass is cost effective and cab be installed quickly, the statistical chances of survival are vastly improved.  It should also be noted that should the window remain intact, there is less of a likelihood that internal injury will arise from the blast overpressures themselves.

Unparalleled Protection

Of course, these aforementioned benefits will not entirely eliminate the risk of flying debris, but they will greatly reduce chances of injury, damage and death.  This safety film for windows can be installed quickly and discreetly in areas that are strategically thought to be at risk for an intentional explosion.  The film will not impede transparency and will allow the outside areas to be monitored as a company or organization sees fit.

Finally, this film can also be used in conjunction with other safety features such as wire mesh curtains and structural reinforcements.  This combination will allow a building to enjoy an unparalleled level of protection against even the most powerful of explosive devices.  As the film can be cut and applied to nearly every dimension imaginable, it is also one of the most flexible options that is currently available on the market.  These are some of the qualities which allow this option to be quite popular for a variety of security purposes.

Safety film for windows is continuing to grow in popularity.  Please visit Mitigation Technologies to learn more in regards to this innovative material.

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