Increase Your Revenue Stream With Advertising On A Fold Up Bar

There are a lot of different companies that work directly with consumers in providing special events, catering weddings and anniversaries, hosting birthday parties or planning those special occasions and celebrations. If you are an event planning, wedding coordinator, banquet facilities manager or if you provide services to the public or business with catering or hosting services you need to consider adding a fold up bar as an additional way to increase your income.

Why A Fold Up Bar?

A fold up bar offers you a dedicated space to display or provide advertising, branding, personal messages or unique displays that will be meaningful to the people in attendance. It also gives you a space to promote your own company and service in a way that is subtle, tasteful yet also evident and easy for people to see, remember and recognize in the future.

A fold up bar can be used in any type of event. It can be used to serve drinks and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages at virtually any type of function. It can also be used at tastings, demos and events where you need a space to service but don’t need a full table or elaborate set-up for preparation.

The Personal Touch

Besides promoting your own company and business the fold up bar also provides the option for the client to put his or her own message, brand or image on the front or side panels for a set fee.

Imagine at a surprise birthday party how impressive it would be to have a smiling picture of the person on the front panel of the bar with a birthday message to match. At weddings or anniversaries the front panel could be uniquely designed with pictures of the couple and a thank you message for everyone in attendance for adding to the special day.

For companies hosting Christmas parties or events managers could send in season’s greetings that could be displayed, with pictures or graphics, across the front and side panels for a personal yet unique way to spread good wishes.

The options for increasing your revenue with a fold up bar at any event is very much a factor to consider. This is a unique opportunity and one that definitely adds to the services that you offer your clients.

There are lots of creative ways to use a fold up bar to add to your services for your clients. To see ideas, styles and designs drop by our website at or contact Smart Bar Products

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