Comforting Elderly Care in Alexandria, VA

It can be emotionally difficult when you notice age taking a toll on your loved one. As a person ages, their bones become brittle. They are at a higher risk of becoming ill, falling while performing small tasks, and forgetting to perform other daily living activities. There are times when the aging person does not want to enter an assisted living facility. It can be difficult to leave one’s home and the memories.

24/7 Services

Companies such as Capital City Nurses provide elderly care in Alexandria, VA. They will send professionals to the home so they can remain in comfort. Familiar surroundings may help keep your aging loved one’s mind at ease when they are struggling to perform other tasks such as cooking or navigating stairs. Remaining in a familiar and warm environment may ease the stress. Professional caretakers can be hired to visit only a few hours a day or for around-the-clock services.

Trained Professionals

Professionals providing elderly care in Alexandria, VA will ask you what your needs are for your aging loved one. Do you worry they will forget to turn off the stove? Does the person struggle with remembering to take their medication? Do they tend to wander off and forget people, places, or things? The company will provide professionals who are trained in each service you request. For example, CRMA DSPs are certified to administer medications. If your loved one does not need medication assistance, a regular DSP may be a better and more affordable option.

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