What To Look For In An Industrial Planetary Mixer

Replacing an industrial planetary mixer or designing a new process line and choosing equipment should always start with research. This includes researching both the mixer as well as the manufacturer.

At Custom Milling & Consulting LLC, we offer double planetary mixers, which are an ideal choice for many different types of applications. Our models are designed for as small as .5 liters to as much as 2,300 liters, ensuring you have the most effective mixer in place in your operation.

Kneading and Mixing

All of the CMCC Double Planetary Mixers are designed to work with a wide range of different viscosities. They are designed to knead or mix materials that require up to several million CPS. While they are highly effective at mixing and kneading, they are also able to blend shear-sensitive materials, ensuring consistent quality of the final product.

An industrial planetary mixer offers the benefit of both a blade turning on an axis as well as rotating around the inside of the vessel. With close tolerances between the moving blades and the vessel walls, as well as between the two blades, the mixture is always fully incorporated in the process.

Wide Range of Applications and Processes

We also provide a range of different blade configurations. This allows our industrial planetary mixer models to be effective in the production of pharmaceutical products, metal pastes, ceramics, thick film inks, and even in the production of nanomaterials.

For more information on our double planetary mixers, contact us today at 610-926-0984.

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