Questions To Ask A Stainless Steel Fabricator

Stainless steel, because of its physical properties including strength and durability as well as corrosion resistance, makes a great choice for railings, signs, formed architectural components and for ornate panels and features.

Choosing a top stainless steel fabricator to complete the project will always be an important consideration. Unfortunately, not all companies offering services as a top fabricator have the experience, expertise and proven track record in creating just the end product you need.

As stainless is more costly than other types of alloys used in railings and metal components and features, working with only the best stainless steel fabricator will ensure the project comes in at cost. While price will always be a consideration, there are other questions to ask of a potential fabricator to get the right match.

Design Capabilities

Take the time to ask specifically about the ability of the stainless steel fabricator to complete the project from concept through to end product. This means having the ability to translate your ideas into 3D models that allow you to easily see the completed stainless steel railing or component in the scope of the rest of the project.

Certified Professionals

Verify that any welding required on the project is completed by certified welders. This is important for liability reasons and to ensure the durability and structural soundness of all components produced by the fabricator.

It may also be important to ensure that the company is an approved program. Many types of architectural designs and components have to meet specific state regulations and standards.


The top fabricators working with stainless steel are able to produce not only the part or design, but they are also able to finish the surface so it is ready for installation. This not only saves you time but also ensures that the product is consistently finished throughout the entire project.

Take the time to talk to the team that will be working on your stainless steel fabrication job. Companies with a focus on customer service and quality control are always going to be top considerations.

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