ComedySportz Theatre Evanston: A Unique Evening Entertainment Choice

Theatre lovers, music enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike are always up for good Chicago Shows in Evanston to attend with friends, family or parties. Musical performers, Theatre, and stand up comics are frequent choices, but these are nothing new and certainly not unique. Going out for a night of improv entertainment, however, is definitely a different experience. But what exactly is improv entertainment?

The term “improv” is short for Improvisational Theatre, and it means pretty much what it says. The actors and participants improvise rather than having a rehearsed show. That is, the performers make the show up as they go along, playing off one another’s ideas as they are presented. There are no pre-ordained settings and no scripts. This takes a great deal of skill and imagination on the part of the performers and is particularly well suited to comedy though it can be a dramatic performance as well. Improvisation is excellent training for aspiring actors, and many programs and classes use it as a teaching technique. Actors who can do it well are particularly skilled and able not only to think on their feet, but to do it in a way that preserves the comedic or dramatic thread of the show. As can be imagined, an unrehearsed show delivered by talented actors can make for surprises and unexpected twists and turns in the show. For further details, you should contact ComedySportz Theatre of Evanston.

Fortunately for the evening entertainment seeking public, there is such a show that can be found at ComedySportz Theatre Evanston. This unique and highly entertaining show is the longest running short-form improv comedy show in the Chicago area, and features improv at its best. It consists of a series of games played between two teams of improvisational actors, but what makes this particular show so much fun is that the audience is included in the improv. They are encouraged to shout out suggestions for the actors as the show progresses. In this show, there is also a referee who regulates each game and acts as host for the audience. For those looking for Chicago Shows in Evanston, this show format may be something different to try, especially if comedy and laughter is the goal of the evening. To learn more about this show, a quick look online to Visit the website can further explain this diverse and very different brand of evening entertainment.

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