Schedule an Inspection of Your Air Conditioning in New Haven, IN Before Summer Comes Along

During the cold months of late fall and winter, your air conditioning unit typically sits unused. Although this gives it a brief resting period, it also allows dirt and debris to build up, and some of its components could lose much of their functionality. While the days and nights are still cool enough to use natural climate control, you may want to consider scheduling the annual inspection of your Air Conditioning in New Haven IN. This needs to be carried out regardless to optimize efficiency and help your unit last longer, so why not have it done before you need to use the system consistently?

If your heating and air conditioning are two separate entities, you may have neglected your outside a/c unit during the wintertime. Before the HVAC technician comes to inspect the system, be sure to move any objects sitting around the exterior unit. It’s also important to trim away any overgrown weeds or shrubbery. This will need to be done before you begin using the system this season anyway, but taking care of it before the inspection helps ensure the technician has a clear view of the entire unit and can more easily find any issues.

Proper maintenance can help keep your system running at optimum efficiency, but if it’s more than 10 years old, you may want to consider having a new system installed. Even with the best care, air conditioners tend to lose about 5 percent of their efficiency each year. Relying on an outdated system could be driving your cooling bills higher than they need to be.

Before you begin using your newly repaired or installed system, be sure to close any windows you may have previously opened to keep your home cool. It sounds like common sense, but even one window in your home left opened slightly can make it seem as if your system isn’t working properly. Continually raising or lowering your preset temperature can wear out even a new system, so pick a comfortable temperature and leave it there while you’re home.

Turning the temperature down during the day while no one is home can help lower energy bills, but don’t turn the a/c off completely. Doing so leaves your system working overtime once you do turn it on. Visit the Site of Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an inspection and determine if your system needs repair or replacement.


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