Clean And Safe Dog Daycare In Mt. Vernon

Some people who might going out of town for a day or find themselves busy could benefit from taking their dog to a daycare facility. Dog daycares have been increasing in popularity across the United States. When looking for a Dog Daycare in Mt. Vernon, it’s always a good idea for dog owners to think about safety first.

Environmental Concerns

Before signing up a pet for daycare, pet owners should always inspect the daycare area. Most daycare facilities will readily give pet owners a tour of their building and play area. Some questions that dog owners can consider include:

  • •   Are large dog breeds and smaller breeds kept separate?
  • •   Are male and female dogs separated? Or are unspayed or unneutered pets allowed?
  • •   How are the animals being supervised?
  • •   Does the staff interact with animals regularly?
  • •   What does the daily schedule look like for the dog?
  • •   How is the staff cultivating a safe environment for animals?
  • •   Is there anything on the play area that could be hazardous?

In addition to these questions about the facility, pet owners should also speak with staff members about any medications and allergies that the pet may have. It’s also important to discuss feeding times and habits of the animals. Pet owners should also ask about any hidden fees regarding daycare services. If the dog breaks something at the facility or if the pet requires extra attention, the pet owner needs to know if they are going to be charged additional fees if either occurs.

Canine Vaccination Safety

Another rule is to never go to a Dog Daycare in Mt. Vernon that doesn’t require vaccinations. All daycare and kennel facilities should request vaccination proof before accepting a dog into their environment. Pet owners should make certain that their pet is vaccinated properly before attempting to board them at a daycare. This is just one of the many appropriate safety precautions that animal caregivers need to take in order to remain a reputable facility.

One kennel boarding company, CCC Kennels, offers dog daycare services. They have 40×40 playgrounds, heated kennels, and clean facilities. To learn more about their prices for daycare, click here (website domain) to visit the company’s website.

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