A Better Understanding of Bail Bonds in Clayton County

If you’ve been arrested and you’ve gone before the judge, the chances are quite good that the judge has set bail for you. This is the amount of money it’s going to take for you to be released from jail immediately. However, you will have another court date scheduled in which you will answer for the crimes that you’ve been charged with. Most people are aware of bail, as this is something that’s talked a great deal on television and the movies. However, if you’re in the situation where you’ve been arrested, Bail Bonds in Clayton County will be of particular interest to you.

The fact is, outside of the judge determining how much the bail will be, most people don’t quite understand the process. The truth is that there are actually two different ways to pay your bail.

The first instance of bail is a cash bail. This is where the defendant pays the entire amount of bail set by a judge in order to be released. This is common when the bail is set very low. For more serious legal issues, cash bails typically only happen for people who are extremely wealthy as the bail will be set quite high for serious crimes.

The other method of being released from jail is through a surety bond or, as it is commonly referred to, a bail bond. In these instances, the bonding agent requires a deposit, typically 10% of the bail or the use of collateral from the defendant or from a friend or family member of the defendant for the remainder of the bail payment.

This is important because if the defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bond agent won’t get the amount of bail back. They will use the collateral to recoup their costs or have you pay the remainder of the bail & After the percentage is paid or the collateral is given, the bondsman will pay the full amount of the bail to the courts.

To understand a bit more about Bail Bonds in Clayton County, it’s important to speak with somebody who understands this process. If you are inquiring because of a friend or family member, you can contact a bond agent over the phone or you can go online. From there, you can visit the website and get as much information about the process as you need.

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