Chelsea Tracksuits and Other Chelsea Gear for Fans

Premier league soccer team Chelsea is recognized by the blue uniforms that they had donned for years. Every year there is a new design and every year fans like to wear matching outfits. You can get jerseys, tracksuits, jackets, and polo shirts with the 2013/2014 styles. Whether you are an old fan or a new Chelsea fan, you can match the team during home or away games.

Chelsea Tracksuits

Want to don a Chelsea tracksuit for 2013, You can wear an entire outfit that matches the ones worn by the players. The tracksuits come in three colors based on the new design. You can get the in blue with white stripes, white with blue stripes and blue pants, and black with gold stripes. The jackets have the Chelsea logo over the heart. You can have your name and a custom number added to the back of the jacket.

Chelsea Home Jersey

When Chelsea is playing at home, they wear the well-known blue jerseys. The color blue has changed over the years, but they also wear blue. The newest jersey is blue with white stripes down the shoulders and around the sleeves. The front has the Samsung, Adidas, and Chelsea logo. You can have your name added to the back so you can feel like one of the team. You can also get them with gold lettering.

Chelsea Away Jersey

When Chelsea plays in someone else’s stadium, they don a different outfit. All soccer teams do this and each jersey has some different modifications. Chelsea away jerseys switch the color combinations of the home jersey. They are white with blue stripes on the shoulders and around the sleeves. Add or name to the back if you wish. All jerseys are made with the same material as the professional jerseys so you stay cool and dry.

Polos and Jackets

If you prefer a regular shirt instead of a jersey, you can purchase a polo shirt. These shirts have a collar and are made of comfortable material. You can get them in the home and away colors with the logos emblazoned on the front or sleeves. You can also get jackets. The jackets vary in color such as black, blue, and white and blue with light blue stripes. Every jacket bears the Chelsea logo.

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