Go Out With a Bang: Choose Your Own Funeral Director in Middletown

You may not have realized that it is possible to orchestrate every single detail of your own funeral today, and die in twenty years with the peace of mind of knowing that they will all be carried out by your handpicked Funeral Directors Middletown. You can pick the music, the photographs, specify flowers or no, or ask for donations to something near and dear to your heart. You can provide the highlights of your life, pick your casket, and even make requests as to how you’d like your hair and make-up to be applied. John P. Condon Funeral Home is one that would surely like to oblige your requests!

Just as people today take such pleasure in individualizing their weddings, so may you do for your funeral, should you so desire. After all, funerals have been done the same way for many years. It might be time for a change! For example, perhaps because you feel certain about where your eternal destination lies, you might wish to have your passing celebrated with a Dixieland Jazz band playing sad dirges as the guests file in, and then, after having received the comfort of the funeral service and have them file out to the bright, happy and uplifting music that will enable your friends and family to readily visualize you in heaven. Planning your own funeral allows you to make this kind of statement. You also have the authority to request where you would like to have your final remains placed to rest. If you’re really wild and crazy, you might want to request a themed funeral. You could conceivably choose from Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars or Batman themes. Not many people do this kind of thing, but hey, you might just start a trend! Having all of the details of your Funeral Directors Middletown planned out ahead of time significantly eases your burden, pain, stress and expense that your death places on all of those who loved you. No body has to argue over what you would have done or wanted said. It’s right there in black and white as you wanted it to be. Presto! Even from the grave you’re still out there protecting your family from doing something other than what you would have wanted, and it also keeps them from arguing amongst themselves.

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