Causes of Leaking Hot Water Heaters in Memphis, TN

Water heaters in Memphis TN are usually placed in basements or closets and forgotten as long as they provide a good supply of hot water. However, like any other water vessel, they are susceptible to leaks. The fact that they also accumulate pressure due to the heat makes them doubly susceptible to leaks. The conventional water heater has only 4 water connections, hence a very limited area to troubleshoot. Below are the major areas that you should check on once you notice a pool of water around your water heater.

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Drain Valve

The first place to check is the drain valve, it is located on the lower half of your tank and the main purpose is to drain the tank when required. In a majority of cases, the valve does become loose, leading to water leaking from it. A wrench should be sufficient for tightening and stopping the leak.

Excess Pressure

Buildup of excessive pressure in the tank can also lead to a leak. Should this happen, the temperature pressure release valve may try to release the extra pressure leading to a leak. When the temperature is set too high, the valve will most likely trip. Other causes of excess pressure include:

  • Pressure of water leading to your home is too strong
  • A faulty temperature release valve

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Rust and Corrosion

Due to sediments collected from water the tank holds, corrosion and rust become real possibilities. Sediment build up leads to corrosion that slowly eats at the tank, eventually creating a hole that causes the leak. The lifespan of a typical water heater is 15 to 20 years. If you are aware that you are fast approaching the lifespan of the tank, it is best to start shopping for a new one since you do not want to make a rushed decision during an emergency.


Sometimes, what appears to be a leak could actually be something else. If your tank is covered with dripping water on the outside, chances are high that this is due to the buildup of condensation in Water Heaters in Memphis, TN. This natural process occurs when cold water enters your tank and surrounding air happens to be warmer. This issue is typical to those who live in humid climates.

In concluding, the commonest culprits of a leak are as listed above. Regular inspections by a professional plumber in Memphis TN can help to avoid such issues before they become serious.zp8497586rq


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