On line or hands on service, which is better?

If you have some insight into computers and you should have a failure, you have four options available to you:

  • Fix the problem yourself
  • Call technical support and talk through the problem
  • Take the computer to a repair shop
  • Get help from an online support and repair service

If you are completely ignorant of anything that happens from the keyboard back, then you are probably faced with the last two options as being the only logical ones.

What criteria will you use in deciding whether to take and have computer services on Long Island solve the problem or to engage an online service shop to fix it? There are several questions that you can ask yourself, and depending on the answers, you will be guided in one direction or another.

If you have reason to think it is a serious hardware problem or software problem, you can pretty much forget about online support; without a way to get online and make a connection how can you possibly consider this service which requires an internet connection? A few examples of what might be considered as “serious” are:

  • The computer will not power up
  • Your operating system will not load, for example the Windows blue screen
  • Unable to access the internet

These problems and ones similar to them must be solved by qualified local technicians, those providing local Computer Services On Long Island.

There is no doubt that getting online support is a faster solution than local support. There will be no need for the technician to come to your home or business nor will there be any reason for you to pull all the cables from the computer and take it to the repair shop. You will not be hemmed in by the hour of the day or night as online support is available round the clock.


Most people today have a fast, reliable internet connection and this is important when conducting online service. A fast connection is important and if you don’t have one, perhaps this is another good reason to head to the repair shop. It is not that the process of online service cannot be done with a slow connection; it is just that the connection is unreliable and the extra time involved will cost you unnecessarily.


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