Seriously Injured in a Car Crash? Hire an Accident Attorney in Lubbock

Being in an accident is a terrifying experience. It’s even worse when it is caused by a negligent driver talking on their cell phone. In just a few seconds, a person can go from being completely healthy and active to being crippled. They may have had a good job and money in the bank, but as the medical bills come in the money is quickly used up. Once vacation and sick days are gone, the person may even lose their job and health insurance. This makes the injuries even more depressing. The injured person should contact an Accident Attorney Lubbock to sue for damages.

An attorney from Killion Law Firm will explain to the injured person that damages are a legal remedy that gives them compensation for their medical bills, lost income and even emotional trauma. The person may be so desperate for cash, that they want to accept the first offer that the insurance company makes. Based on experience, the lawyer assures the injured person that they are entitled to much more money. The law firm then hires their own medical and actuarial experts to show that the injuries are far more severe than the insurance adjuster believes they are. The person’s injuries will also last a lifetime and prevent him from returning to his career. The actuary will show what the true cost of this is.

Most cases of this magnitude are settled out of court. However, all personal injury attorneys are always prepared to argue their case in front of a judge and jury. Injured people are often afraid that they won’t be able to pay expensive legal fees. They shouldn’t be. An Accident Attorney Lubbock takes these types of cases on a contingency basis. They only get paid a percentage of the financial settlement they win for their client. That way the client never owes money to a lawyer out of their own pocket. The law firm puts up all of the money to fight an aggressive battle against the insurance company. That’s often necessary because insurance companies make their profits by charging very high premiums and paying out low claims.


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