Can You Trust Your Veterinarian?

You have probably spent years building up trust with your doctor. After all, they are the person you turn to for your most important and personal needs, those pertaining to your health. Of course, you want to have the same level of trust for your vet, because they deal with your best friend’s health. It’s harder to tell with vets than with doctors, though, because there is less one on one interaction, and you just can’t know what’s going on inside your pet. Here are a few ways you can tell if your vet is trustworthy or untrustworthy.

Trustworthy: Admits They Don’t Know Everything.
A vet should be capable of admitting when they don’t know something. Nobody in any type of practice, anywhere in the world, knows everything there is to know about that topic, and there are few topics wider than veterinary services. Not only are there so many different ailments and diseases, there are a vast number of animals that they might have to treat. Therefore, never look down on a doctor who says they don’t know and trust them that they can find out.

Untrustworthy: Tells You Not to Go to the Hospital
It makes sense; after all, veterinary clinics are in direct competition with animal hospitals, or so it would seem. However, they aren’t, or at least, shouldn’t be. Veterinarians are all about preventative services, whereas hospitals are for emergency treatment. In fact, your vet should recommend a good animal hospital for you if you need it; a veterinarian in Norridge, IL had better be able to recommend the best animal hospital in Chicago.

Trustworthy: Keeps Up with the Profession
Science changes over time. A good vet will keep up with it, not stick to procedures they learned in veterinary school thirty years ago.

Untrustworthy: Demands Yearly Vaccinations
Yearly vaccinations are recommended for a number of animals, but not every animal needs them every year. If your vet says your pet needs vaccinations they probably do, but if they say every pet needs one every year, then walk out the door.

Trustworthy: Follows Up
A good vet should care about the condition of your pet, and follow up with you to see how they are. If your vet prescribes you a treatment and sends you out the door without ever calling you back, don’t go back to see them.

Ultimately, whether or not you trust someone falls to your own instinct. You can use some of these guidelines, but even if someone passes every checkmark, if they give you a bad vibe, then find your pet someone else. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic for more detail or visit

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