C93200 Bearing Bronze: Workhorse Of The Bearing Bronze Alloys

Alloys provide foundries, fabricators, machine shops and manufacturers with the ability to produce standard and specialized products. Bronze bearing materials are particularly adept at meeting certain specifications. When it comes to bearing bronze, one of the most commonly employed types is C93200.

Qualities and Properties of C93200

C93200 is a copper alloy, a high leaded tin bronze. Companies turn to it for its numerous advantageous qualities. This alloy, also known as CDA 932, SAE 660 and ASTM B-30 is a general purpose metal. It possesses

  • From good to excellent anti-friction properties
  • Sufficient strength
  • Adequate hardness strength
  • Good wear resistance
  • Reasonable marine corrosion resistance
  • Adequate ductility
  • Excellent machinability –a rating of 70
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Less lubrication dependency than many other alloys

In addition, the alloy works well with journal bearings, conforming to them. Although it is not an alloy suitable for welding, it is receptive to both soldering ad brazing.

Common Applications

C93200 (SAE 660) bearing bronze is a true workhouse. When a company requires a bearing material for light duty applications, they look to it. As a result, it is prolific in its use. C93200 finds use in the following categories:

  • Bearings: Insert, Main Spindle, Fuel Pump, Trunion, Rolling Mill, Lever, Machine Tool
  • Bushings: General Purpose, Fuel and Water Pump, Diesel Engine Wrist Pin
  • Fittings: Automotive and Industrial Fittings
  • Fixtures: Pump Fixtures
  • Impellers: Pump Impellers
  • Washers: Thrust Washers
  • Wear strips

This alloy is also employed as components as machine parts, in the hydraulic press main lining and press stuffing box, as well as a forging press toggle and earth moving machinery.

C93200 Bearing Bronze

If you are looking for an alloy that is aptly suitable for such applications as bushings, bearings, and impellers, consider bearing bronze. Of all types, the special capabilities of C93200 are well recognized in the foundry, machine shop, and manufacturing worlds. This specific alloy offers excellent machinability and other admirable qualities to help your company produce functionally successful products.

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