Bronze Bar Stock: Description And Selection

Bar stock is a form of raw, purified metal available from various producers. Machine shops and industries purchase it for further fabrication. Bronze bar stock, also known as bronze billets in machine shops, comes in diverse sizes and shapes. This is essential if the shop or factory is to produce a variety of specified metal components. Producers, suppliers and machine shops keep a diverse supply of bar stock on their shelves, ready for service.

Description and Availability

Bronze comes in different types. It also is available in different formats. Bar stock of this alloy may appear on the shelves and in distributors as

 * Round bars
 * Square bars
 * Rectangular bars
 * Flat bars

While bronze bar stock does come in other shapes, these are the most readily available.

Fabricators also require different sizes. It is possible to order almost every imaginable size. However, the reality is that not all are readily obtainable. Suppliers keep certain standard sizes on their shelves for distribution. They clearly differentiate between the standing stock on their shelves and special or even customized orders. Nonstandard sizes are accessible; they are also more expensive because they might require a specific order and run from a rolling mill.

Selection Criteria

Companies, machine shops, and other fabricators base their selection of the right bar stock on several criteria. These include:

 * The design’s shape and dimensions
 * The specific bronze required by the design specifications
 * The intended environment in which the component will operate
 * All these factors will help determine the selection of the right bar stock for the project.

Bronze Bar Stock

If you are a manufacturer, fabricator or machine shop, you recognize the need to have bar stock on the shelves. If you use bronze, it is also important to have easy access to a supply of bronze bar stock. While suppliers keep a specific variety on their shelves, you can always request, for an increased amount, certain non-standard sizes and shapes.

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