Which Hand Dryer Models Provide the Highest Quality and Efficiency?

Dyson has a long-held reputation for manufacturing the highest grades and most technologically advanced vacuum cleaners, heaters, fans, lighting and recently, hand dryers. The Dyson airblade hand dryer is now the first choice of any restroom facility that must set high standards and offer 5-star appeal.

Do Not Be Surprised by The Quiet

Previous Dyson airblade hand dryers were exceptionally quiet, but current models are up to 50% quieter. When you compare this with traditional hand dryers, this provides a significant difference in the ambiance for your restroom facilities.

One of the advantages of the Dyson airblade hand dryers is the ability to virtually squeeze the minutest element of water from every crevice of your hands, including underneath any jewelry you may be wearing.

The key quality from these hand dryers is the ability to dry quicker and more thoroughly than any other hand dryer available in the marketplace.

Clean and Efficient

They can be installed at a variety of angles to suit the best position and location within a restroom. They are extremely clean because the individual has no requirement to touch the unit during the entire process.

As hands are placed inside the unit, infrared sensors detect the activity and send air traveling at the speed of an airplane, but through space the size of an eyelash.

In just over 10 seconds, all the water will have been removed from your hands. Because of the speed, the amount of electricity used will be far less in comparison to more traditional units.

You will not find a heater within the units as this is not a requirement. This reduces the expense of the unit and your annual maintenance costs.

Some Dyson models use a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of bacteria from the air. This means that the air being returned into the room is cleaner than the air it is drawn from.

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