An Individual’s Need For DUI Defense Lawyers

Being found guilty of DUI can be either a mild inconvenience or it can be a significant problem. A great deal of it depends on the circumstances which led to a person’s arrest, as well as any history a person may have when it comes to legal issues. However, whether a person is a first-time offender, or has had prior DUI issues, it’s typically a good idea to consult with DUI defense lawyers prior to going to court.

For people who are facing a first offense and are planning to plead guilty, a DUI defense lawyer may not do a great deal of good. There’s very little an attorney can do in these situations as the punishment for being found guilty of this crime is fairly straightforward. In addition, the punishment for first-time offenders is fairly minimal, and it’s unlikely that an attorney will have any success at reducing the sentence a person receives.

There are situations where people who are facing a first offense are not guilty of driving under the influence. There are other instances where people have had multiple DUI offenses or the DUI incident in question resulted in injuries to others. These is where DUI defense lawyers and the services they provide make the most amount of sense.

Sometimes, lawyers can put their clients in a good light in order to reduce some of the stiffer sentences that can be imposed on a person who is been found guilty of DUI. There are other instances where the attorney may be able to have the case thrown out of court. When there was no probable cause to pull a person over, which inevitably led to a DUI arrest, it could be brought up in court. In addition, faulty breathalyzers or the inaccuracies of a field sobriety test can be called into question.

For first-time offenders, a consult with an attorney may be a good idea. For people who are facing more serious issues regarding a DUI arrest, or for people who had multiple offenses, having legal representation is imperative. If you or someone you know is facing this type of situation, it is advisable to consult with the attorneys at Addair Thurston, Chtd. to see the way forward. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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