Your Right To Hire An Attorney In Pasadena

An attorney in Pasadena will assist you by providing legal representation in several areas of practice. Your selected attorney must practice within the law field that applies to your case in order for him or her to represent you. Most attorneys list these areas of practice within their website to enable you to choose appropriate representation for your case. A basic understanding of these probable law fields will steer you into the right direction.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

At the time of your arrest, the officers are required to inform you of your right to counsel. You also have the right to contact an attorney once you are taken into custody. If you do not have an attorney, you have the option to allow a family member to hire your attorney on your behalf or allow the court to appoint counsel for you. If you allow the court to appoint an attorney for you, it is not likely that you may choose your counsel. You should determine your right to counsel based on the county requirements and guidelines for court-appointed attorneys before accepting these services.

Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation Attorneys

Khalaf and Khalaf Attorney at Law provide representation within criminal-defense law and civil litigation requirements. These attorneys will provide you with information based on your choices. They will assist you in filing a lawsuit if you have a viable claim. The attorneys will also assist you when you are facing criminal charges. You may schedule a consultation with the attorneys at any time.


You may acquire legal counsel in the Pasadena area when you are charged with a criminal infraction. It is advisable for you to obtain legal counsel immediately following your arrest. The arresting officer is required to inform you of your rights to counsel and to ensure that you understand how these rights are initiated. Criminal charges may relate to a multitude of probable crimes that range in classification. These classifications do affect the sentencing requirements for any party that is convicted. Your selected attorney will explain all probable outcomes to you as he or she proceeds in the criminal-defense process.

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