You Never Know When You Might Need The Services Of An Attorney in Rockford, IL

We live in a nation of laws. I guess the starting point is our constitution which has given rise to a plethora of laws, decrees and regulations from our Federal Government. Central government law has been extended, modified or added to by the supplementary laws issued by each State and further enhanced down to local town ordinances.

We are convinced that this system of laws is the best way to organize affairs when large numbers of people have to interact with each other in a wide variety of different ways. To be effective, laws must be more than just statutes recorded on bits of paper. Laws need to be implemented, monitored, interpreted and enforced.
This has given rise to the law being a source of employment and income for many people. From the law makers themselves down to the humble dog catcher, in one way or another, the law is the reason for their jobs.

As well as those who make or enforce the law, a large number of people are involved in the basic mechanics of operating the laws. Unfortunately, we are not a nation that is 100% law abiding and I am not only referring to deliberate lawbreakers of the criminal type. Some people seem to believe that, for whatever reason, they are above the law. Others feel that a particular law is unfair and should not be enforced. Then there are those caught up in a dispute between two or more parties on a question of how a particular law should be applied.

The Legal Profession

These are the people whose function is to advise people on how to stay within the law and to also come to their aid should they get into conflict with the law. Above these come the judges who will make the final decision, under the law, when people cannot agree on any aspect of the law.

Generally speaking, the law is an honourable, well respected and lucrative profession. However to join it requires much hard study over a considerable period of time. (Unless all you wish to aspire to is to be the mailroom clerk in a law office).

After completing all the studies necessary to become a lawyer, people entering the profession then need to be accepted and certified to work in their given geographical areas. However, it does not stop there. A lawyer who wishes to do more than sit in an office and offer advice will usually wish to take the next step of pleading a client’s case before a judge (and jury where applicable). Before lawyers can do this, they require additional certification to be recognized as an attorney In Rockford, IL. Only then will they be allowed to speak in a court of law.

If, for whatever reason, you require someone to speak on your behalf in a court of law, you will need the services of an attorney In Rockford, IL. The law office of Clark, Justen, Zucchi & Frost, Ltd. can serve you well in this respect.

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