The Tasks Of A Residential Builder

A residential builder who specializes in constructing custom homes in Nashville TN. A residential home builder has the skills and expertise to construct anything from a unique custom home that has been architecturally designed to exacting specifications through to homes in a large residential development. Residential builders may have skilled employees on payroll or as often happens the builder hires and controls the various sub contractors that are required to build a home; from the foundation to the roof.

When a residential builder is first approached by an individual the first thing that normally happens is a site visit with the property owner. The builder will then meet with the designer or architect to discuss any and all details about the home and eventually puts together an estimate of the construction costs. As custom homes in Nashville, TN can be very specific in their design and spec the estimate must be detailed, all the costs must be presented so that the owner and the owners representative can see exactly how the builder arrived at the estimate. Once the estimate has been presented any details can be changed at this time but once the estimate has been agreed upon; construction can commence.

The custom home builder, armed with the architects drawings acts as the construction coordinator. The builder will have contacts and will be in a position to hire quality sub contractors as needed as the project progresses. During the construction of a custom home many skills will be required; those who lay down the foundation, framers, roofers and those involved in interior work such as plumbing, electrical, drywall and eventually the installation of custom build cabinetry, flooring and even appliances. Once the job is finished the builder can turn over a home which is complete in all respects to the owner.

Residential builders offer various services which can vary widely. There are some builders who opt to specialize in certain types of projects; there are those that focus on building a particular style of home while there are those who only build custom homes. Those who wish to have a custom built home will often find competent builders through their architect who will have had a number of experiences dealing with these companies. It is always a good idea for the owner to consult with two or three reputable builders in the area, ask each for locations of their past projects so you can see for yourself the extent of their skills and quality.

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