You Need a Great Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO to Protect Your Interests

Most Missouri divorces (or dissolution of marriages) are ‘no fault’, claiming irreconcilable differences and making it unnecessary to prove adultery or cruelty, etc. This allows the parties and the Court to focus on what will happen next and not dwell on past misbehaviors. If there are grounds for preventing the children from being with one of the parents, that will be addressed as a custody issue.

Here are a few highlights of Missouri divorce laws.

* A lawyer cannot ethically represent both parties even if they are in complete agreement.

* It’s generally a good idea to either cancel jointly-used credit cards or limit who is allowed to use the card.

* One spouse is often worried that the other has hidden assets, but locating them is difficult. The Court will require complete financial information. Depositions and requests for Production of Documents are commonly used to find undisclosed assets.

* The case will usually be heard in the Circuit Court 2-3 months after being filed. The dissolution is final as soon as the Judge signs the Judgment of Dissolution.

* Maintenance, or alimony, can be agreed to by the parties or ordered by the Judge. There are no set rules as to how maintenance is structured.

* Missouri law divides property into marital and non-marital property. Non-marital property (excluding dividends or interest from such property) is retained by the owning spouse. Reasonable divisions of marital property that have been agreed to by both spouses are normally approved by the Court. In lieu of such agreement, the Court will decide. Some items that need to be considered are pensions, profits from the sale of the house, debts and tax considerations.

The Lowry Law Firm has deep roots in Jefferson County. Most of the attorneys and staff grew up in the area and everyone lives locally. They are all committed to the well-being of their clients and the community at large. All of their clients can expect personal attention and to be kept fully up-to-date on their case and tireless dedication from their attorney. The attorneys have earned the respect of the Court and opposing counsel for their integrity and unswerving dedication to their clients. The practice focuses on Criminal and Traffic/DWI cases, Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury and Family Law. Anyone needing an experienced Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO should schedule a consultation to discuss all of the available options and learn how to protect your interests.

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