Workplace Hearing Test in Charleston, WV

Occupational health services are something every business should be aware of or actively considering. By enforcing a drug-free workplace policy you are protecting your business and employees. Strict policies are key to preventing on-site accidents and potential costly lawsuits.

For some businesses, more testing is needed. Workplaces with physical jobs or which require DOT physicals need regular health screening, certification and eye and hearing tests. By actively participating in regular screening practices your company will often be able to receive better liability or workers compensation rates. Having a Hearing Test in Charleston WV or a regular physical exam will ensure the safety of every worker on the job.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Testing employees for drugs and alcohol can be done as a prerequisite for employment as well as randomly throughout their employment. Many companies will also require a test be completed when a workplace accident has occurred.

Drug testing can be done as a urine or blood test. Breath Alcohol Testing can be completed as part of a DOT physical if the employer requests it or it can be used to determine if alcohol was the cause of an accident.


General physicals and DOT physicals will ensure the applicant or employee are physically capable for the job they are applying for. For many driving and construction positions, it is a legal requirement for employees to pass an eye test and Hearing Test in Charleston WV. These along with general health, cardiac health and physical aptitude will all be checked to meet the specific needs of any employer. Unlike a typical medical exam, these physicals can be tailored to gauge if someone is fit enough for their job.

Return to Work Exams

When someone has been injured and wants to come back to work, insurance carriers will typically require they pass an exam and are cleared for work. Again, occupational exams can focus their attention to the previous injury and make an educated judgement on whether or not it is safe for them to return to their workplace.

Where to Go

By establishing a relationship with one health screening provider you can find better, more cost-efficient plans to help keep your costs lower. If you are looking for someone who can offer a physical, a drug test and Hearing Test in Charleston WV, contact Physical Exams Inc. to learn more about the programs they offer.

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