Tips For Organic Landscaping in Wesport Connecticut

With the popularity of going green, many homeowners are now also turning to organic landscaping. Along with the beauty of landscaping, you also get a healthier living environment. So where do you start when looking at options for Landscaping in Westport Connecticut?

Choosing the right plants is a major factor in quality landscaping. Planting the correct plants appropriate for your environment and habitat is the first step. Native plants are often recommended as ideal landscaping plants because they are suited to growing in their native area. They often require less maintenance and fewer resources. For example, they won’t need much extra fertilizing. Planting items in the right place will also result in healthier trees and shrubs.

Use renewable resources from local sources. Sourcing items locally helps your local economy and has less impact environmentally than goods requiring transportation. Local plants have also already adapted to your distinct climate. A tree may be native to both Florida and Connecticut, but trees that have been growing in Connecticut have adapted to Connecticut’s environment, not Florida’s. Even though a certain plant may have a diverse area that they can grow well in, one grown locally will fare better. It is ideal to know where the plants you are purchasing were grown.

Encourage and enhance natural biological cycles. Instead of raking leaves into bags and taking them to the curb, try raking them into your garden and letting them break down to provide nutrients to what is growing there.

Take a more holistic approach to the maintenance and protection of your landscape. Instead of harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your family and environment, try more natural forms of pest control such essential oils or specific insects. Again, proper placement of plants and growing them in an environment that suits them can also reduce the need for some of these treatments in the first place.

Maintaining a beautiful yard can be hard and time consuming enough, so there are companies such as Northeast Horticultural Services that offer organic Landscaping in Westport Connecticut. They can also offer expert advise to determine which plants best suit your environment.

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