Working With Insurance and a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY After a Vehicle Accident

After a vehicle accident, there’s a lot you need to deal with. You’ll need to take care of any medical problems first. Then, you’ll need to deal with making sure your vehicle is repaired, your bills are paid, and you get compensation for the accident if you were not the person at fault. The insurance company for the at fault driver should give you adequate compensation for all of the bills that resulted from the accident, but that doesn’t always happen. When it doesn’t, you’ll need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY for help.

The insurance company is trying to make money, just like any other business. They cannot do this by paying out large claims for every accident. Instead, they’ll try to give you the smallest amount of money they can. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always cover all of the expenses for the accident. For example, they may offer you money to cover your medical bills and repairs for your vehicle. If you were seriously injured and had to miss work for an extended period of time, you may have trouble covering your typical bills because of lost wages. The insurance company must give you money to cover your lost wages, but often this isn’t considered in their settlement offer.

To protect yourself from accepting a settlement that’s too low, you’re going to want to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY. Your attorney can review your situation and the settlement offer from the insurance agency. They’ll let you know if the settlement is too low or if you should go ahead and accept the settlement you are offered. Often, you’ll want to work with the attorney to get a settlement that’s going to cover all of the expenses that resulted from the accident. This way, you’ll have the money you need to cover all of your bills.

If you’d like to find out what you should receive in a settlement, be sure to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. There are time limits on how long you have to file your case if you need to file with the courts. Contact a lawyer from The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel today and see how they can help you. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.


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