Choosing the Right Floor Grinder Rental

Are you considering renting a concrete floor grinder? Rental of this equipment can offer some big benefits over buying something you may not use very often. Some companies opt to purchase a concrete floor grinder because they do work with concrete often. Others rent one because they rarely need it and / or do not want to have to worry about storage in between uses and / or because this is not their main line of work. DIY home renovators may also want to rent one of these versus purchasing one.

Some people are doing extensive renovations at home and find that instead of hiring a company to come in and work on concrete, they want to do this themselves. If you have the aptitude for this type of work there are companies that will rent these machines to you.

There are a variety of options on the market. Grinding and polishing machines vary in size and power. Looking over specs can tell you about the available voltages, electric motor power, amperage, drive train, speed of the main plate and the speed of the grinding plate. You will also learn about the machine’s weight, water tank size, noise levels, and other factors. If you are renting a machine you might not need to be as discerning as if you are buying a machine but if you aren’t sure what floor grinder is best to rent a knowledgeable rep from the company should be able to give you advice based on your description of the job that needs to be done.

A more robust machine is typically recommended for a purchase of a floor grinder rather than a rental. Companies that prepare concrete for a living will put demands on a machine and will want a high performer.

A rental company will have a variety of supplies and accessories to help, as well, should you require them. If you are in need of a grinder for longer than a month, you might be interested in buying one. They can range from $10K, to $20K and up.

Choosing the Right Concrete Floor Grinder Rental Company

Not all companies who rent concrete floor grinders are equal. Look for a company with a great reputation who offers the equipment rentals you are looking for. If they also sell these machines you can easily gather information about the quality reputation of their machines as well as customer reviews of the company. Some companies offer incentives, such as free shipping if you rent a concrete floor grinder for a month.

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