Workers Compensation MN – Interesting Facts About Workers Comp

If you have been injured or contracted an illness while on the job, you may be eligible for Workers Compensation benefits. First and foremost you have prove your illness or injury is work-related. For instance, if you are performing a task that benefits your employer and you become ill or experience an injury performing that task you should be covered.

There are also other eligibility requirements that need to be met before you can receive this kind of compensation. A Workers Compensation MN attorney can help you determine if your case meets all the requirements. The following facts will cover a few things you need to know about Workers Comp.

The term “work-related” is where this area of law can be complicated. There are a few gray areas where you can be at work, get injured or fall ill and not be eligible for benefits. That’s why it’s important to first consult with an experienced attorney. What are some of the gray areas?

Travel If you travel on business like a traveling business salesperson and you are injured while you are meeting with a client, you may be eligible for Workers Comp if you become ill or injured. However, traveling to and from work (your commute) in your own personal vehicle is not covered. Business trips for your company are usually covered as are accidents in a company vehicle.

Lunch time All workers are required to take a lunch break. Anything that happens during your lunch break is not covered under Workers Compensation MN law. If you visit a local restaurant and are involved in an accident, it’s unlikely you will be covered. However, if you are picking up lunch for your boss and you get injured, you should be covered.

Company sponsored events Company picnics, parties, and other events fall under work-related activities in most cases. If you are somehow injured during one of these events you may be able to file a Workers Comp claim.

There are other tricky gray areas in this kind of law like misconduct which can affect your compensation or ability to file a claim, preexisting conditions are taken under consideration but require a lot of information, and emotional trauma may also be an area where you are covered. Malone & Atchison MN are experienced attorneys that can help figure out if you can file a claim or represent you in a denied claim.

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