Sometimes a Chiropractor in San Diego is Your Only Relief

An accident that causes a back or neck injury can be difficult. It can take weeks or sometimes months to heal. Even after the healing, the pain is sometimes still there. Many visits to your doctor may result in no real relief. At this point, the only option your doctor can offer is pain medication.

Pain medication can be helpful for the short term. However, long term use can be very harmful. Side effects and the possibility of addiction can be a very difficult prospect. But, what options do you have when the pain is so bad? This is when you need to seek the assistance of a chiropractor in San Diego.

Injuries to the neck and back can often cause vertebrae misalignment, also called subluxations. Subluxations can cause the discs between vertebrae to slip. This slippage can cause nerves to become pinched and cause much pain. These injuries aren’t always seen by a regular doctor. A Chiropractor is very knowledgeable in this type of injury. They know how to identify it and set up a plan to get you back to being pain free.

Sometimes accidents cause damages that may cause other misalignment. These are sometimes missed completely by the doctor. Many times, it is because pain isn’t yet a factor. The misalignment can cause musculoskeletal issues that develop later. It sometimes takes time to notice these because the damage to the muscles occurs from using them in this misaligned state.

An experienced chiropractor in San Diego can help to get to the root of the pain. Once the cause of the pain is found, a plan for healing can be put into place. This may include adjustment techniques to help realigned the areas that are out of place. Once the vertebrae or other misaligned areas are restored to their right places, proper healing can occur.

A Chiropractor will then use a variety of treatments to help you heal. A combination of proper nutrition and range of motion exercises are usually included in this plan. Depending on the type and extent of the injury, physical and message therapy or even acupuncture may be included in your plan. This comprehensive approach to your injury can get you back to being pain free.

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