Will Your Make-Up Stain Your Granite Vanity Top?

There are a wide range of chemicals used within modern make up and it is impossible to know which chemicals may cause damage to your granite vanity tops in Maple Grove and which will be easy to simply wipe away. The key to managing your granite is to seal the surface at least once every year.

Protecting the Surface

Adding a seal to the surface of your granite vanity tops in Maple Grove is more important than worrying about staining the surface. Granite is naturally porous and allows a wide range of liquid and other matter to seep into the surface when it is not correctly sealed.

Most spills on your granite vanity tops in Maple Grove can be cleaned by simply wiping the liquid away as soon as it is spilled. Apart from make-up, many items in the bathroom may include an organic residue. You might spill ink or oil. Should the surface not be cleaned regularly, you may encourage the growth of mold and bacteria. These will not be a problem when you clean the surface efficiently and effectively.

You Should Talk to The Experts

Your choice of store, when considering the choice of new granite vanity tops, will be helped by their ability and enthusiasm to discuss ways of maintaining your work areas and what to do in the event of stains and spillage. They will have the experience and understanding about what to do in the event of these minor emergencies. They may explain that some chemicals can find a way through a sealed granite top.

Citric acid is known to leave marks on granite, so this should be wiped up immediately. Where you have chosen a completely black granite finish, it is more likely to show stains than any other color.

By learning about the chemicals that are involved within your make-up or other items that you may accidentally spill on your vanity top, you will quickly understand which brands you should avoid and which will become your favorite choices.

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