Repointing In Brookline MA Can Need to be Performed On New Or Old Structures

Historic buildings often need repointing performed due to years of the structure shifting or because of the weather. Newer structures can deteriorate for the same reasons and the chimneys often need to be repaired because of the heating and cooling during use. Repointing in Brookline MA is the technique used by masons who remove some of the cement between the block or brick, then replace it with a new mixture. Historic buildings require a lot of care during this type of work because the mortar used years ago was mixed much differently than it is today.

Most of the mortar today has a high content of Portland cement in it. Replacing cement in historic buildings requires skilled masons. If the cement is not the correct mixture, it can cause severe damage to the bricks on the structure, including cracking or spalling. If cement is harder than the brick it’s in between, moisture will escape through the softer brick causing damage. The main reason to have Repointing in Brookline MA performed is to keep water from entering brick or stone. Moisture that enters the area can freeze and cause severe damage to the mortar joints. As time goes on, more damage will occur if it’s not corrected.

Mortar colors should be matched to the existing mortar. There are a variety of colors on the market to get the exact color a mason needs. Hiring a restoration company to perform this type of work should be thoroughly researched. Although there are many good masons, only some of them have the experience that is needed to properly repoint a building. When considering this type of project, ask for references of the structures they previously performed work on. Repointing a set of steps is very different than a home or chimney.

Repointing can bring beauty back to an old building or a worn out chimney. Today’s homes are a very large investment and restoring it back to its original condition can improve the value and curb appeal. Fitzgerald Restoration Inc has been leading the industry in repointing with their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. They’ve performed a wide variety of masonry work and have many satisfied customers.

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