Why You Should Hire P.I. For Investigations in Rockland County

Are you in the neighborhood for someone to come and investigate a suspicion that you may have? Have you been suspicious of embezzlement going on in your business and you want to find out exactly who? If so, you may need a private investigator. Pagones-O’Neill of Beacon, New York conducts Investigations in Rockland County, New York and other surrounding cities and counties. They want to tell you what a private investigator can do for you beyond what you can do yourself.

There are many reasons to hire a private investigator: to find a loved one, for example, an ex-spouse or a biological parent that did not rear you, in cases where you suspect adultery on the part of your spouse, background check of potential business partner, the location of assets in cases of a lawsuit and/or judgment, background investigation on a potential investment, criminal investigation, and the list goes on and on. These things could be done on your own, but the reason you would need a private investigator is because the investigator has the education, know-how and professionalism to gather data for you in preparation for a court case. The professional investigator knows the law and will thoroughly work on your case so that your evidence has no opportunity to become contaminated. To assess whether or not the investigator you are hiring is licensed and bonded, just ask, or better yet, check into it for yourself.

Pagones-O’Neill is fully capable to handle your cases, bringing from their agency a member of the New York State Bar and a member with over 20 years of experience with the NYPD. Among their services are civil and criminal, corporate espionage, policy breaches, insurance fraud, integrity checks, product liability cases, sexual harassment, theft and embezzlement, matrimonial and custodial investigations, and many other cases requiring investigative expertise. They are located throughout New York State to provide immediate aid in securing the information you may require. When you need Investigations in Rockland County, New York or in any of the surrounding cities throughout New York, you can contact Pagones-O’Neill at one of their locations, or visit their website, Pagonesoneill.com for more information.

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