The Importance of Seeing the Doctor in Carrollton for Your Annual Physical

As a woman, there are many health issues that can arise. This is especially true with your reproductive system. Having a yearly physical can help to keep you healthy, by allowing the Doctor Carrollton to find issues early on. The medical community all agrees, finding issues with your reproductive system early on, makes them generally much more treatable than advanced cases. Keeping your body healthy begins with you being proactive and making sure you are checked by your doctor each year.

What Can You Expect From a Physical Exam?

Many women are a little nervous and embarrassed when it comes time for their yearly physical. By knowing what to expect during your examination, you can feel more at ease. This will allow you to make sure you schedule your appointment and follow through with seeing the doctor when you need to.

Pap smear — Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a woman’s physical, the pap smear allows the doctor to collect cells from your cervix. These cells are stained and viewed under the microscope, to ensure there is no infection or cancerous cells present. Since cervical cancers are one of the most dangerous and aggressive types of cancer, making sure your cervix is healthy is extremely important.

Breast exam — Your breast tissue can face infections, damage and cancer. You should routinely examine your breasts each month and have them examined by the Doctor Carrollton as well. Through examinations and mammograms, your doctor can find any breast issues while they are barely forming, making them more treatable.

Screenings — Through your physical, your weight, blood pressure and other vitals will be checked. The doctor may also order blood tests, to check your blood cell levels and for certain health disorders. This can help to ensure your body is healthy and you have no issues that need to be treated.

If you are in need of a routine physical, it is important to get it scheduled as soon as possible. Contact Womens Care of West Georgia LLC and make your appointment today. They can provide you with all of the women’s medical services you need, to keep your body healthy.

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