Why You Need Professional Headshots

Most people think that any picture of themselves that looks decent will be enough to get a job as a model or actor. However, these types of images are homemade and will look that way. Instead, you want professional headshots that will make you look the best. These photographers are skilled and understand the differences between lighting and how to get the perfect picture.


Expensive lighting is required to have a headshot that makes you look like someone to be hired, whether for commercial business or acting. Light is available that brings out your skin tone, makes it look like it has a healthy glow and can even somewhat hide blemishes on the face. Shading the face is an art-form, and there are multiple ways to get it wrong.


Have you ever taken a photo of yourself or someone else where their smile looked fake? If you have, you’ll understand why professionalism is important when a headshot is concerned. You may be able to laugh and take a picture of yourself, either with the use of a camera phone or a digital camera, but will it look natural and bring out your personality? If not, you should consider hiring a photographer.

What Photographers Do

Most people think that they have to pay a high price for a photographer because they are famous or use expensive equipment. While the price you pay is inclusive of what equipment the photographer uses and where they are located, you aren’t just paying them a lot of money to help them pay their rent and bills. You are paying them because they have experience and skills to know how to position you, what to say to get you to relax and how best to photograph you.

Positioning is crucial, because everyone has a “right” side, even if they don’t know it. Have you ever had a few photographs taken of you and liked all those where you were in the same or similar position? That is likely your best side and it makes you look more “you.” Most people also have backgrounds that work well for them. Those people that dislike the outdoors never take a good outdoor picture. Those people that enjoy the outdoors and feel most comfortable there will likely take better pictures when they are outside.

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