Why You May Need BLS Classes in NJ

Basic Life Support (BLS) classes are offered in NJ to provide many kinds of professionals the option to learn how to recognize specific emergencies, such as choking, patients not breathing or requiring an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). These classes are meant for those in the healthcare field or those that work directly with children or adults, such as nannies or babysitters. After passing the course, you will be certified for two years.

Types of BLS Classes in NJ Offered

Oxygen first aid is just one of the things you can learn about, and it will show you how to recognize and manage injuries that require emergency oxygen.

You can also complete classes based on marine life first aid. Usually, severe injuries due to marine life are rare, but many divers do experience pain from jellyfish, fire coral and other creatures found in the sea. You will learn how to reduce pain and discomfort, along with minimizing the injuries and helping with a speedy recovery.

You may also choose to learn about on-site assessment for divers. You will handle neurological assessments on injured divers, convincing a diver that he or she needs oxygen first aid and help with treatments.

Reasons to Use These Courses

Most people take BLS healthcare classes in NJ because they must be certified in BLS for their careers. Types of jobs requiring BLS courses include:

  • Doctor

  • EMT

  • Dental Assistant

  • Nurse

  • Medical Assistant

  • Care Giver in a healthcare setting

If your current card has expired, you will need to use the BLS for Healthcare Providers. However, if your card has not currently expired or is only a few months’ expired, you can use the Renewal BLS. Ensure that your patients are properly cared for and receive proper training.

Though it is required for working in many healthcare fields, you will probably care about your patients enough to want to provide them the best care anyway. You cannot provide quality care if you don’t have the necessary training. Therefore, it is important to take the Basic Life Support class to learn more about specialized first aid.

In some cases, you may be allowed to take a course at your place of work if your company allows this, making it even easier to take the class. However, even if you must do it on your own, it is still an important aspect of your job.

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