Why Use A Pediatric Orthodontist In Massapequa?

As a parent you know how important it is to address all issues of your children’s health. This includes their physical health, their dental health as well as their emotional health and well-being. When kids have problems with their bite or with their teeth they often have both physical as well as emotional issues that occur at the same time. Working with a pediatric orthodontist in Massapequa ensures that they professional is able to work with your child and has special training to do so.

Physical Issues

If your child’s bite is not correct due to overcrowding, overbite or underbite there is a risk of abnormal wear to the teeth that may cause serious dental health issues later if not corrected. In addition a pediatric orthodontist in Massapequa can talk to you about the optimal time to actually align the teeth correctly, which is ideally before the end of the growth stage when movement of the teeth and jaws is easiest.

By completing an examination before the child reaches the age of 7 a pediatric orthodontist in Massapequa can have a good idea of the need for possible corrective action. The earlier that problems are detected the more effective the treatment will be and the more options that will be possible.

The Emotional Issues

When children’s teeth are not straight, or there is a bite problem, a child can become very self-conscious of his or her smile. They may also struggle with other issues such as problems with properly cleaning the teeth, speaking or chewing, all issues that can further impact self-confidence.

By seeing a pediatric orthodontist in Massapequa and addressing the issues the intervention, be it removing teeth to create more space or the use of braces or other orthodontic devices, has less impact on the child. It also allows the child to quickly see a change in his or her smile that allows them to be confident, happy and smiling kids again.

A pediatric orthodontist in Massapequa has been specially trained to work with children, allowing them to fully understand the potential for correcting dental issues before adulthood. They are also people that love kids and work to create a positive, welcoming environment each and every visit.

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