Asbestos Removal in Hertfordshire: What You Need to Know

We have all heard of the dangers of asbestos. Indeed, the health effects from even short-term exposure can be grave. Such medical conditions such as mesothelioma can result and those with existing respiratory ailments can be gravely affected. Unfortunately, many properties used asbestos decades ago for a universal material in many construction projects. So, where are some of the main areas that tend to contain this toxic substance and why are professionals employed for its removal? Let us take a look at both of these questions in a bit more detail.

Asbestos Removal for Hertfordshire Residents: More Than You Think

First and foremost, most individuals associate asbestos as having been used as a material to insulate pipes and nothing more. On the contrary, this fibrous substance was used for dozens of purposes around residential, commercial and industrial locations for decades.

Textiles were commonly comprised of asbestos. This was due to its fireproofing properties as well as for its relative strength. Some of the primary substances that may very well contain asbestos are rope seals, older gaskets and any material that is considered to be resistant to fire and is also quite old.

Cement also contained appreciable amounts of asbestos. In fact, many customers are surprised as to how universal this material was used. A few examples can be older cements found in barns, garages and downspouts. The main issue with any of these location is that the home or business owner may be unaware of its existence. Should he or she drill into this cement, dangerous fibbers can be released that will then be inhaled; potentially resulting in a dangerous situation.

As mentioned previously, an appreciable amount of asbestos removal in Hertfordshire will centre around examining the insulation on older pipes. As this material ages, it becomes brittle. If it is accidentally dislodged of the pipes are changed within prior knowledge, asbestos can once again be released into the immediate environment. Not only is this dangerous for any workers, but winds can carry this harmful substance great distances; potentially placing other properties at risk.

So, it is clear to see that asbestos can be found in many more places than the average individual realizes. This is the critical reason why for any asbestos removal in Hertfordshire, only professionals should be chosen.

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