Why There Is a Demand for Residential Seal Coating in Madison, WI

When contractors first pave asphalt driveways for Madison properties, they typically add a protective seal coating. Expertly applied Seal Coating in Madison WI is allowed to cure and become a smooth, attractive surface that minimizes driveway maintenance and adds curb appeal. Seal coating can also help homeowners save money.

Seal Coating Is Preventative Maintenance

Asphalt is very porous and, left untreated, is easily penetrated by water. Seal Coating in Madison WI prevents water from seeping into asphalt’s tiny natural cracks and creating damage. It works the same way that paint does on wood. The coating also protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as chemical, gas, and oil spills. It limits the depth to which substances can penetrate. If driveway surfaces are damaged, they can easily and inexpensively be recoated to restore their original beauty.

Seal Coating Increases Curb Appeal

Homeowners also choose seal coating to improve the appearance of driveways. In fact, paving contractors often invite clients to “Browse our website” and view photos of homes with seal coated asphalt surfaces. Finished coatings give surfaces a dark, sleek appearance that adds curb appeal. That is why many homeowners arrange to have older, unattractive driveways seal coated. The process covers flaws and makes surfaces look brand new. As a bonus, the dark color draws the sun’s heat, which causes snow to melt faster.

Seal Coating Makes Financial Sense

Seal-coated driveways are actually waterproofed, which extends their life by years and saves owners the costs of completely replacing materials. The coating becomes a protective layer that reduces the rate at which moisture seeps into asphalt. That is critical since water typically is a leading cause of asphalt damage. Over time, moisture causes small cracks to form and allows more water to enter and freeze, which expands the fissures even more. Seal coating also minimizes maintenance costs, since coated driveways can be cleaned with just a hose.

Homeowners with asphalt driveways generally have them seal coated to protect surfaces and reduce exterior maintenance. Seal coating creates a good-looking, smooth finish that increases curb appeal. It can also save homeowners the cost of frequent driveway repairs or replacements.

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