Floorplan Tips for Your Fremont Apartment

When you are first moving in to an apartment there can be a lot of adjustments depending on what your living arrangement before was like. For many, the biggest challenge is learning to work with the floorplans and limited space that some apartments offer. Even though we offer spacious 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Fremont CA, some people may still take some time to adjust to the smaller floorplans if they had been used to a spacious house beforehand. Here are four things you can do to make it easier:

Smaller Furniture

Go with smaller sizes for your key furniture pieces. Go with a regular recliner rather than a big overstuffed chair. If you only have three people in the apartment a small table is all you need for dinner. Think smaller scale and you can save valuable floor space!

Double Up Areas

Look for ways to double up on room duty. The dining room table could also be use for a college student’s study area. The rare empty closet could be used to hold computers and work areas to save floor space. There are many ways to double up areas in your apartment.

Hidden Storage

Look for places to add storage, especially in out of the way areas like under the bed, behind the door, in the closets, and other areas. Some pieces of furniture lit ottomans and coffee tables have hidden storage areas in them too that can be a life saver!

Rental Facility

If you absolutely have too much stuff for your apartment you can look at selling some or donating it to a worthy cause. If this wont work for you, then you could consider renting a storage facility until you figure out what to do with the excess.

Our spacious floorplans make it easy to find a place for your possessions, so if you would like to take a tour of the Parc 88 Apartments, give us a call today!

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