Why Property Insurance is a Must-Have

Many people would rather not buy insurance. If a person is confident in their own luck, many people rationalize that they should be fine without insurance. Now, this is a very dangerous line of thinking; clearly no one that has a disaster happen to them is expecting that disaster. Still, if you really believe that nothing is going to happen to you, one online article isn’t going to convince you otherwise. Instead, here are a couple other reasons why you should get property insurance.

Required For Your Mortgage
While it’s not a legal requirement like auto insurance, if you are financing your home, the financiers expect you to have insurance to cover their own investment. You can be denied if you refuse to purchase insurance for your home. Even if they do allow you to finance, some banks will simply purchase a policy on the house themselves and add that to the mortgage. Buying your own policy leaves you in control.

Provides Liability Coverage
Even if you aren’t expecting a tree to fall on the house, anything can happen. Damages your home aren’t the only kind of crisis that property insurance covers. If you have a worker come to install a fence, and they are injured while working on your property, they might have grounds to sue you. Property insurance can protect you from that, and pay out the settlement so you don’t have to.

When the worst case scenario happens, it’s in your best interest to purchase property insurance. As recent events have proven to us, no one is safe from disaster when an entire region is affected. In St. Augustine, property insurance has proved vital to getting families back on their feet after the many hurricanes and storms that have passed through Florida. For them, property insurance is doing a lot more than paying the cost of their home. It is giving families somewhere to stay when they don’t have a roof of their own, and paying to replace entire sets of personal belongings. When you purchase property insurance, you aren’t just getting a paycheck when disaster strikes, you are getting the ability to survive and move forward.

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