The Mini Ball Valve: For Compact Applications

Ball valves are often the preferred choice of companies in the fluid power industry. Manufacturers of valves offer these companies a wide selection of ball valves to serve specific purposes. Each type addresses the requirements of certain applications. These include compressed air, clean gas, and liquid service. Available in one of three common patterns, they also are offered in different ends. This applies not only to standard ball valves but also in the compact mini ball valve.

Min Ball Valves: Basic Information

Essentially, mini ball valves are comparable in every way to their larger counterpart or namesake. They come in any of three patterns:

 * Venturi port
 * Full port
 * Reduced port

They also consist of the same components as a larger ball valve: a body, a spherical plug, and seats. This simple construction allows the operator to manipulate a lever to rotate the metal ball with its central hole in the housing to open or close the path of the medium. This permits or prohibits the flow of the substance or material within the pathway.

Like other ball valves, they come in various sizes. Many mini ball valves are available in in sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch. They are also available in diverse materials. Since the applications of the average mini ball valve demand they be capable of withstanding high corrosive forces, materials must be highly resistant. As a result, they tend to be comprised of corrosion resistant metals such as chrome/nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.

The Mini Ball Valve

Such characteristics of min ball valves make them ideal for applications common to ball valves. However, the smaller scale of mini ball valves gives them an advantage over larger ball valves when it comes to specific purposes. As a result, the small size and light weight of the mini ball valve are ideal for situations where a large on/off valve is impractical or impossible.

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