Why Not Pamper Your Pet by Choosing a Cat Clinic in Lenexa, KS?

You may not realize it, but your area animal hospital probably offers care tailored to your cat. When you entrust your pet to the Falcon Valley Animal Hospital cat clinic Lenexa, KS staff members provide feline-friendly services that include:

* SURGERY: If your pet needs a surgical procedure, the vet at your animal hospital’s cat clinic can perform it at their facility. Hospitals such as Falcon Valley perform surgeries that include lump removal, soft-tissue procedures, laceration and bite wound repairs, as well as orthopedic surgery. They operate using the same sterile procedures used for humans, and provide expert anesthesia and pain management. Professionals will also manage your pet’s anxiety, using sedation to calm them.

* KITTEN CARE: You can take your new kitten to Falcon Valley for their first exam. After a kitten exam at the cat clinic Lenexa, KS staff will present you with a report card that illustrates your pet’s health. In addition, you will be offered a package that includes a sample of Science Diet food, and sample doses of flea & tick prevention medications. The pack will also provide a complimentary nail trim. The vet will ensure that your new family member is up to date on their vaccines, and will recommend a schedule for regular health checkups.

* WELLNESS: As your cat grows, the animal hospital can arrange micro-chipping, spaying or neutering, and wellness exams. A vet will check your cat’s vision, heart, lungs, behavior, and more. When they find a problem, the hospital will use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. These include x-rays, ultrasound, and a laboratory. Vets can provide dental services that help maintain your pet’s oral health. In addition, they may refer you to medical articles, such as those offered at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital.

* GROOMING AND BOARDING: Expert groomers will keep your cat looking their best and let them lounge in comfortable, temperature controlled facilities while waiting for you. These same boarding areas provide the ideal solution when you are away and need a cat-sitter. Your pet will be pampered, as well as fed and cared for according to your instructions.

When you trust your pet’s care to the cat clinic at your local animal hospital, you can be sure that they will receive excellent, care at every stage of their life. The professionals at these facilities provide a range of services that include kitten care, wellness exams, high tech diagnostics and surgeries, as well as grooming and boarding. To find out more about pet care services offered visit Website.

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