It is Imperative to Call Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians in Folsom When You Have Had a Fire

Cleaning smoke damage is a task for the professionals who have a lot of experience in this field. There are a lot of companies which profess to be experienced and capable of cleaning up after a fire. Smoke can do a lot of damage to a home if it is not dealt with quickly. Smoke Damage in Folsom technicians will respond quickly.

Smoke can cause corrosion, discoloration and etching. Smoke can also leave odors that seem to linger endlessly. It is essential that people working in this business be trained and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).

Metals and appliance finishes will begin to tarnish quickly. Plastic will discolor quickly also. Nearly every finish in the home will begin to show signs of damage quickly. The experienced smoke damage control and cleanup technician will identify what can be cleaned up and salvaged and what cannot be. Once this is done, the Smoke Damage in Folsom experts will locate the sources of smoke odors. Once found, they can be treated with specially formulated cleaning liquids for neutralizing the odor and other issues associated with the fire and its aftermath.

Specialty equipment will also be used for cleaning smoke damage. This equipment includes rotary scrubbers, wet cleaning tools and steam injection extractors. The extractors will leave minimal or no detergent residue. This enables unrestricted suction deep into the carpet and furniture. It is not unusual for the damage to require the use of the tools two times.

While most people have fire insurance, this doesn’t mean that settling a claim for smoke damage with an adjuster will be easy. However, if you have an IICRC certified technician speaking for your claim, the insurance company will be compelled to listen to their view and their support of your claim since the technician who did the work or supervised the cleanup work is experienced and certified.

Smoke damage can affect so many parts of the home. For example, the flooring underneath the carpet could have ash and smoke embedded in it. If this is not completely extracted, the smell of smoke will linger. It takes a very experienced and professionally trained technician to be sure the entire house is rid of smoke and ash.

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