Why Naples FL, Is the Best Family Fun Spot for Fun on the Water

When you think of doing something fun in Florida, Naples may not have come to your mind. With a dozen other places to go and things to do in this state, it can be difficult to pick a family fun spot each time you decide to head out for a weekend. However, Naples, FL does have a lot to offer and it will not break the family vacay bank either. Here is why Naples is the best family spot for fun on the water.

Boat Rentals in Naples, FL

Boat rentals in Naples, FL are very affordable. Rent a boat for just boating. Rent a boat for water skiing. Rent a boat for fishing. Rent a boat to cruise the Gordon River or sail in Naples Bay. Go out for an hour, or rent an all-day charter, captain included. With all of these options, it will be hard to choose just one.

Paddleboard Rentals for Teens and Adults

Along with boat rentals, you can rent paddleboards. Teens love these things because it isn’t quite swimming, it isn’t quite surfing, and it isn’t quite boating either. They can leisurely paddle up and down the Gordon river for as long as they have the paddleboards. As an adult, you can try a paddleboard too, just to see what it is like. If you are ready to try something new and fun this weekend for less than the cost one theme park ticket, come out to Naples Extreme Family Fun Spot.

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