Common Reasons Homeowners Need a Water Damage Restoration Service in Miami Beach

It is not uncommon for people to underestimate the level of risk their home faces from potential water damage. Many of these homeowners believe that this type of damage is caused by huge natural disasters like hurricanes, fires and floods. That is not usually the case though, as statistics shows that when people need a water damage restoration service in Miami Beach it is more frequently for smaller, but still damaging everyday events that can occur anywhere.

Plumbing problems are a common cause of water damage. This can be a slow leak from a pipe within a wall that gradually creates a big problem or a dramatic plumbing failure like an overflowing bathtub or a backed up sewer. These issues happen in new plumbing and old, so no homeowner should think they are immune. Always watch for signs of problems as a drop in water pressure or peeling paint and loose wallpaper on walls where plumbing pipes are located.

Appliances are also a common threat for leaking and water damage. Clothes washers are the most obvious concern, but dishwashers are actually more frequently the cause of water damage. Other appliances that need regular maintenance and to be watched carefully to ensure they do not become a leaking hazard are refrigerators, air conditioning units and water heaters.

Another seemingly innocent but often problematic spot is around windows and doors. If these areas are not sealed correctly, any outside weather can make its way inside. If a window is left open during a rainstorm, a surprising amount of water can get inside. If this water runs through floorboards, soaks into walls or is absorbed by carpeting, mold and mildew can begin to grow within the first 24-hours.

Regardless of the cause of the water damage, if any amount of water has spilled into your living space, contact a water damage restoration service in Miami Beach. You can have them perform an inspection of the room to see if any restoration work is needed. Companies like PuroClean of Aventura offer free evaluations, so you can have the entire area professionally inspected and receive a quote before you commit to any type of clean up.