Why More and More Yogis Are Choosing CBD Yoga Retreats in Miami

Yogis who want to deepen their practices and shed their bodies of physical and emotional blocks have turned to CBD yoga retreats in Miami. Retreat organizers may use CBD products to help their students relax during restorative practices and find inner peace more easily. Yogis interested in combining CBD with their yoga practice should remember the following.

CBD is Not a Psychotropic Drug

It’s common for people to misunderstand what CBD products are. Although CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, it’s extracted from the part that doesn’t contain THC. People who use CBD may feel a calm sensation, but they’re at no risk of getting high. CBD yoga retreats won’t cause participants to test positive for an employee or school drug tests.

Helps Calm the Monkey Mind

Adding CBD to one’s yoga practice might help a person who’s prone to overthinking and having anxious thoughts feel calmer and keep their mind from wandering. Yogis who want to be more present on the mat might find that using a CBD lotion, eating a CBD gummy, or even drinking water infused with CBD helps them to be more intentional with their thoughts.

Not Everyone Feels the Same Effects

The cannabinoid receptors in each person’s body, part of the endocannabinoid system, respond to CBD differently. Some people might have a heightened feeling of bliss, and others might only feel slightly less tension. Most yogis benefit from consistent use.

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