Why Maintenance of Your Skylight Is as Important as The Installation

When you purchase a new vehicle, you expect to maintain it with regular servicing, as you would when you own an air conditioning system or a lawnmower. Maintaining your skylight is equally vital if you do not wish to end up searching for a skylight replacement. Minnesota weather varies considerably between the cold and warmer seasons, so a careful watch on your building could save money over the longer term.

Extend The Life of Your Skylight with Regular Maintenance

To ensure that your skylight brings natural sunlight shining through to your chosen design, regular maintenance will ensure that your building remains fit for purpose. Instead of discussing skylight replacement in Minnesota because of neglect, your local installation team will arrange for annual or more regular inspections to complete a range of tasks, necessary to boost the lifetime of your roof.

While the glass or other material is regularly cleaned, the professional team that you employ will be able to survey the skylight from close proximity to check for any signs that the materials may have deteriorated since the previous inspection.

A Leak in Your Skylight Could Become Your Worst Nightmare

A skylight leaking rainwater onto the occupants far below may be the first sign that a bigger problem has occurred and it may have been building up for some time. Only now are you seeing the results of an annoying leak.

The problem may be due to faulty flashing, materials degrading after excessive condensation. An expert will be able to quickly decide where any weather sealing is damaged and has lost its efficiency.

Whether glass or other skylight materials have cracked and broken because of debris falling or extreme weather conditions, a close inspection will reveal whether the small cracks can be easily repaired or whether a part of the skylight unit requires replacement.

The Difficulty of Using Your Own Team to Complete the Necessary Work

For your own local maintenance employees to be able to reach a skylight, especially large skylights, with a tall roofline, they would require specific safety equipment to carry out any inspection tasks, but are often under used because the task is not required week by week. This problem is easily solved when a professional maintenance crew, skilled in skylight upkeep and preservation, visit your property at regular intervals.

The flashing between your walls and the skylight must remain completely watertight at all times. This is why flashing should always be checked during the regular maintenance visit. The first sign of a threat to the viability of the roof between the walls and the skylight can lead to straightforward repairs, before your building suffers from a larger problem.

As with all maintenance, regular work will highlight any problems before they become a major experience and should be encouraged.

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