The Importance of Routine Shrub Trimming in West Linn OR

Some homeowners allow their shrubbery to grow untamed, which can result in these bushes essentially growing into trees. Annual shrub Trimming in West Linn OR isn’t necessarily essential, but it has several benefits for the bushes. Trimming away branches that aren’t faring well is good for the plant, as it no longer has to send nutritional resources and water trying to save that part. That can cause a certain amount of stress for the shrub. Trimming away those branches along with dead ones reduces the risk of disease and insect infestation, as a healthy bush is less prone to those problems. Strategic cutting away of other branches helps the rest of the plant have access to more sunlight and air.

Shrub Trimming in West Linn OR also has aesthetic advantages, as the technician shapes the plant into a pleasing symmetry that can still look entirely natural if the homeowner isn’t thrilled about heavily manicured landscaping. In contrast, hedges that provide a certain amount of privacy between neighbors often have more of a formal look. Hedges that are trimmed to be flat on top are still seen on residential properties, but the trend has been away from this unnatural shape. Instead, most homeowners prefer each individual bush to have slightly pointed or rounded tops.

In all cases, never pruning the plants can result in an overgrowth of the top branches that then block the sunshine to the lower ones, causing stunted growth there and an oddly shaped shrub. The technicians will trim the top, so the bottom is wider, as these plants normally grow in the wild. If any of the bushes are intended to enhance the home’s curb appeal, pruning them occasionally is important.

The technicians who do this work may use a variety of tools. Hand-operated scissors shears are sti ll common among tree service workers, although some tasks may be done with an ore electric pruning tool. The decision depends on factors such as the shrub species and the thickness and texture of the branches. If large branches should be removed, a pruning saw typically is the tool of choice for hnicians with a company such as True Care Inc. Contact us for more information on our services.

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